Roguelike FPS

Traditional roguelike elements in a first-person shooter



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Roguelike FPS is a first-person action game that includes almost every element of a traditional roguelike game. The result is a completely unique experience, different from any other first-person shooter.

In Roguelike FPS you have to explore a series of completely random levels, where you're sure to find random enemies releasing random items, and using randomly generated weapons. Practically every aspect of the game is meant to provide a unique experience every time you play.

Throughout the intricate levels of the game, you can find hand guns, machine guns, and rifles to use. You have to make sure to aim well, though; if you run out of ammo, you become an easy target for your enemies. Fortunately, you can escape and pass the levels without having to kill every single enemy.

Roguelike FPS is an entertaining and almost never-ending shooting game. Plus, its spectacular graphics are influenced by the traditional ASCII-based graphics in classic roguelikes.
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